We've got a real treat for you this June 1st at the North Bucks Country Show. We're launching our first batch of Experimental Plum Liqueurs and you're invited to be among the first to try them.

Crafted from Kea, Golden Bullace, Red Bullace and Damson plum varieties, each liqueur offers its own luxurious flavour profile. From bright and vibrant to rich and velvety, you'll savour the essence of the countryside in every indulgent sip.

As a community-focused brand, we're all about celebrating regional heritage and sustainable practices. By working directly with local farmers and showcasing distinct plum cultivars, we hope to support the area's agricultural landscape while preserving its natural bounty.

So mark your calendars for June 1st! Come find us at the North Bucks Country Show, sample our fresh new liqueurs, and raise a glass with us to a fruitful season.